M.B.M.S.F.Y. Framework




This is how you can convert complex technical terminology in the source language into proven and reliable terms in the target language in a simple, easy-to-follow framework, every single time!

If you are serious about taking a step forward with your translation skills, this is the next step you need to take. If you think about the next client that wants a job done overnight, or when you suddenly get hit with three jobs at the same time with a very narrow deadline, these are the types of frameworks and systems that help you thrive in those high-pressure situations.

For the price of a Starbucks coffee, you will be able to:

-Improve your turnaround time and meet your deadlines more easily.

-Greatly reduce and even stop stressful moments where you get stuck with translating technical terminology.

-Get more moments when you are just “flowing” with your translations. Fewer friction points.

-More moments where you have a sense of making progress.

Here is a sampling of what is covered in this eBook:

-Get the 6 step framework that will help you turn unknown complex terminology into reliable and proven terms.

-Get the secret tip that will help you avoid making literal and clumsy translations when translating between Spanish and English.

-Get this information in an easy to consume format so that you can put this eBook into action inmediately. Thus, it is composed of 26 full-packed pages.

-See this framework in action with a real example so you can completely grasp how it works, nuances included.

And much more!


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